Turnaround Bump

Pilots that experience turn around bump (also known as motion bump) during simulation training can be caused by a number of things including a bad actuator, bad servo valve, marginal electronics, or worn knuckle (attachment) assemblies. ACS has engineered proprietary solutions to repair any knuckle assembly and eliminate motion bump. On a Singer-Link system, for example, ACS Hydraulics machines the surface (black oxide) and shims the removed material to original, OEM dimensions. The special shims are then field replaceable if wear occurs again and are adjustable to within 1000th of an inch. This eliminates the side to side play in the joint that is causing the motion bump.

We also rebuild Rexroth (Hydraudyne), Thales, Rediffusion, Parker, and all others, to new specifications. We don’t just add grease!!

ACS provides turn key solutions to simulator rebuilds. Each project is given a custom solution that includes dismantling the system, re-engineering the system, and upgrading, and updating everything to make them as new.