Refurbishment, Exchanges & Updated Replacements

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Control Loader Rebuilds & Exchanges

Extreme close tolerances on control loaders need to be rebuilt back to new, original specifications. This will ensure minimal friction, no leakage, and optimization of performance to replicate true aircraft feel. Only ACS Hydraulics has demonstrated the knowledge and experience to maintain tolerances in millionths of an inch. Exchanges and Remans also available. Huge control loader inventory!

Upper and Lower Clevis (Knuckle Assembly) Rebuilds & Exchanges

ACS doesn’t just clean and regrease! ACS rebuilds to New Specification using specialty manufactured tooling that allows it to be done the right way!

This includes:

  • Parallel grind where necessary using specially developed tooling
  • Remove steel on steel with specially developed and produced peelable shim stock
  • Rework pins
  • Replace bearings to ensure a smooth, trouble-free motion experience

CLICK HERE: to read more about Knuckles and how ACS eliminated Turnaround Bumps.

Plug N’ Play Replacements for Obsolete Components

ACS is proactive in heading off any problems in the area of obsolescence. We have a goal to provide our customers with “plug and play” replacements for obsolete parts. If you have a part that is obsolete, give us a call. If we don’t have a solution, we will do our best to make one!

Examples of obsolete components that ACS has a solution for:

  • MTS legacy transducers
  • 202L Setra pressure transducer
  • Pegasus servo valve
  • Moog servo valve
  • Parker pump (PVV 14220)
  • Vickers pump (PVB 45)

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