HPU’s (Hydraulic Power Units)

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ACS Hydraulics offers several options for your HPU:


Complete Rebuild – Includes rebuild of pumps, electric motors, all valves (relief and unloader), manifolds, circulation pump, pressure switches, heat exchangers (if applicable), and chemical cleaning of all internal parts.

Rebuild With Updates

Provide the above, with replacement of all obsolete components. Update to newest design.


Provide an Exchange HPU, completely rebuilt to new specifications, and updated.

Conversion Kits for Obsolete HPU Pumps & Parts

ACS will supply you, the customer, with a complete hydraulic pump kit and all hardware to easily convert your pump system to the newest technology. One simple kit…everything you need to change out your old pump!

  • Revolutionary Design
  • Higher output
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Increase the lifespan & reliability of your pump
  • Retrofit for all applications (Parker, Vickers, etc.)
  • *Hartmann Distributor

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