Simulator Relocations

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Are you relocating your Sim?

ACS specializes in rebuilding and/or upgrading your motion bases and all associated components. Now is the perfect time to update your system. It’s a great time to send your legs off to have them refurbished, saving you downtime and lots of money in the future. We will evaluate your actuators first, and go through them completely, before we rebuild them back to new spec.

We look at each component and see if anything needs to be cleaned, reworked, or replaced. After completion, all legs are tested on our state-of-the-art test stand to ensure they will meet FAA tests, and all documentation is sent back with the actuators for your records.

It’s an excellent opportunity to send your servo valves off and have them clean and calibrated to make to they are functioning at the appropriate spec.

ACS has teamed up with other experts in the field of relocation to provide you with the smoothest move possible.

The ACS team will pay attention to all of your immediate needs while taking advantage of the scheduled downtime, ultimately eliminating costly future downtime.

What about your power unit?

Let ACS do a complete upgrade on your power unit to maximize work. Or…think about a conversion kit if you are running an obsolete pump!

See HPU page for complete HPU rebuild, updates, exchanges


Get Expert Support Before Relocating Your Sim!

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