Simulator Hydraulics

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Worldwide Hydraulic Simulation Support

ACS does ANY or ALL refurbishment!
(part, component, or total system)

ACS is your source for rebuilds and replacement parts/components related to your hydraulic motion platform. Expert refurbishment is performed by true current simulator maintenance technicians and engineers. Components are rebuilt to NEW Specifications. Rebuilt exchanges are also available.

The ONLY company to offer and SUCCESSFULLY rebuild and update complete hydraulic motion bases in 4 weeks. Includes HPU (which includes pumps and electric motors), new hoses, motion legs, servos, knuckle assemblies, accumulators, control loading actuators and servos, and then provides an unconditional 10-year warranty. Guaranteed to meet new specifications. For only ¼ cost of new, rebuild your simulator’s entire hydraulic system, and have it perform like new! Largest spare parts inventory!

Component or total system refurbishment, or exchange! Largest spare parts inventory!

Our Locations

Euless, Texas
(Dallas/Ft. Worth)
Orange, California
(Los Angeles)
Loganville, Georgia