Servo Valves

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ACS has been rebuilding servo valves for over 40 years! Being a Pioneer in servo/proportional rebuild, ACS was trained by the OEMS, and has the same tooling and test equipment. This is why when you receive a rebuilt valve back from us, it will perform like a new valve. Save money and downtime by letting the longest servo experts in the industry rebuild your valve. We don’t repair them…we rebuild them!

  • All manufacturers and models
  • Rebuilt to new manufacturer’s specifications
  • Fastest turnaround in the industry. Emergency repair available.
  • Incoming test performed on our test bench
  • Complete teardown & evaluation of parts
  • New OEM replacement parts if needed (We aren’t parts changers if it isn’t necessary! Your $ is important to us!)
  • All parts are ultrasonically cleaned
  • Valve is calibrated and tested for outgoing performance & leakage
  • Detailed lab report & flow plot returned with valve (includes incoming/outgoing performance, leakage, contamination level, type of contaminated particulate, parts replaced, etc.)
  • Records permanently maintained by serial number. We can trace the life of your valve at any time.
  • Dowty
  • Moog
  • Rexroth
  • Pegasus


Is your valve BER (beyond economical repair) or do you need a spare? ACS has remanufactured “Reman” valves in stock of various manufacturers and models. Call us and tell us what you are looking for! When we sell a Reman, we guarantee it to be within the New Spec guidelines, and we warranty the valve just like we do with our rebuilds. Even if the valve originally came from another source, if you buy it from ACS, you are guaranteed that ACS went through it, replaced necessary parts, bench tested it, and made sure it was performing “like new.”

Is your valve Obsolete? ACS has a large Inventory of rebuilt Obsolete valves.


ACS was trained by OEM’s, and has the same tooling and test equipment! Exchanges and Spares Available!

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