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Mobile Cyl Repair
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Repair the Old, buy a Remanufactured Unit, Exchange, or get a New Replacement! The choice is yours. In most cases, getting the most out of your investment, means rebuilding your component back to New Manufacturer’s Specification, at a fraction of the cost of New. In some cases, repairs may be “BER,” or “Beyond Economical Repair.” In these instances, you can Exchange, or ACS can get you a good price on a New Replacement. When components are BER and Obsolete, ACS experts will have replacement options for you. Bottom line is, ACS will have the solution to keep you up and running, fast, at the most affordable price! Minimizing customer downtime and maximizing the customer’s profitability remains paramount at ACS!

ACS is your expert for a variety of repairs or new products:

Electronic Repairs & New Replacements

  • Linear Transducers: MTS & Balluff
  • Cables: Valve & Temposonic
  • Electronics: Rexroth Circuit Boards, Cincinnati Controller Boards, Joystick Controllers

Misc. Repairs and New Products

  • Accumulators
  • Gear Boxes
  • Relief valves
  • Check valves
  • Directional control valves
  • High flow valves
  • Filter housings
  • Filter elements

Experts Available for Troubleshooting, and Emergency Turnaround on Hydraulic Components.

Our Location

Euless, Texas
(Dallas/Ft. Worth)