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Motion Legs and Actuators

Simulator Actuator (i.e. Motion Leg, Jack) Refurbishment, Exchanges, & Updated Replacements



  • Guaranteed to meet New Manufacturer’s Specifications
  • Performance testing on ACS’ state-of-the-art test stand
  • Verification of FAA requirements
  • Complete documentation of all work performed, including test results
  • Permanent records are maintained for analysis & reference for future years to come
  • Longest warranty in the industry! We take pride in ACTUALLY standing behind our warranty!

Exchanges & Updated Replacements:

  • Complete Motion Bases available (Refurbished by ACS)
  • Largest Spare Parts Inventory
  • Exchanges/ Replacement legs available (Refurbished by ACS)
    • Manufacturers
      • CAE 500 series
      • CAE 600 series
      • Parker, Singer link, AST/MST
      • Rediffusion, Hughes, Thompson, Thales HSM
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