CH-53E Simulator Motion System Refurbishment & Update Contract

ACS Hydraulics, Inc. has successfully completed their contract of refurbishment and update on two CH-53E full flight helicopter simulator motion systems for the US Marine Corps and delivered the following:

Refurbished and updated 7 ea. Rexroth Hydraudyne actuators per system, including rebuild of Rexroth servo valves and transducer replacement.

Refurbished and updated 2 ea. Hydraulic Power Units (HPU’s). This included 100 HP motors, 2 ea. 20 HP motors, 1 ea. 10 HP motor, per power unit. This also included all new updated electrical design with ABB soft-starts and Beckhoff controls.

Refurbished accumulators and knuckle assemblies.

Final testing of the legs/actuators was completed with the latest and greatest technology, a custom made box, the Motorcortex-Testcase built by Vectioneer. For those attending I/ITSEC, you may stop by our Booth #449 and see a demo of our Final Test using this box!

ACS Hydraulics, Inc. specializes in complete motion system refurbishment to allow you to get the most out of your investment and provide the best product in its application, with the highest level of reliability to our customers. Thus, ACS customers can always count on their components being properly rebuilt and passing all tests and requirements, so that you can be sure they will work in your near real world application when you receive them back. ACS also specializes in not only refurbishment, but also updating, as we did with both CH-53E systems.